What's in a name?

Hi there!  I'm Christina.  I love a good cup of coffee or chai, a great new craft beer (preferably an IPA), and hanging out with my mostly male dominated household (or my new bestie  "Izzy" my Aussie and the only other estrogen in the house.)      As a past fashion and accessory designer, I've done my fair share of photoshoots...only I was just in charge of wardrobe.  :)  I was always so excited to get the emails from the pro photographers after the shoots, knowing I was about to see my work documented so beautifully.  All of the photos really tugged at my heart, and I started thinking "I wish I could do this!"  Soon after, I actually bought a pro camera to take shots of my designs for my online store, and one day I just decided to start messing around with it...taking it along on hikes, capturing the dog...the kids...A LOT of the kids. Good thing my youngest guy is a total ham.  Haha!  From there, I've taken whatever courses I could get me hands on ...Both with real live professors and online.  I am so thankful for the talented photographers (and friends) I've worked with because their work has inspired me beyond all imagination.  So I guess you could say that sweetly stitching away at headbands, purses, and even wedding gowns, has led me to finding a love for capturing images of you...and so was born...Sweetly Stitched Images.  


Headshots $150

Families Couples Maternity or Children's Milestone Sessions  starting at $150

Seniors starting at $200

Fresh 48 Sessions $200

Newborn Lifestyle $250

Engagement Sessions $300

Weddings / Large Events starting at $1500

Note: Weddings are almost full for 2020...Scheduling now for 2021.

***Complete Price List available upon request

***Please hit the "Contact Me" button and drop me a line (or email me direct at sweetlystitchedimages@gmail.com) for further details or ANY questions you may have.  I'll be sure to answer them as quickly as possible! 

Nice things from rad people...

"I highly suggest Sweetly Stitched Images for ANY occasion! Christina Mays wears many hats and is immensely talented, on many facets. Her innate creativity unfolds beautifully throughout her photography sessions, from her personality to her process and execution, capturing the most memorable moments of a lifetime. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with her and suggest booking a session now before her prices go up! Thank you, Christina!!!!" ~Kristy F.

"Christina helped us through a difficult multi-generational family photo shoot.  She was most patient, creative with the settings, and poses.  She took full advantage of the existing light, backgrounds, and locations.  The pictures have great depth, focus, and are very personal.  Thank you. ~Marty P.

"Christina Mays with Sweetly Stitched Images knocked my socks off.  This is 2!  The sassy face, the smiley, the tantrums, but then the sweet hugs.  This is my Clara." ~Heather H. (Regarding her daughter's 2 year old photo session)

"Amazing photos and such a sweet person to work with. You won't be sorry for choosing Sweetly Stitched!" ~Michelle N.

"My friend Christina Mays took these pictures for us and I could not be happier with them!  We've not had the best of luck with family pictures and she got some really good ones that I just love so much!  She was SO awesome with our 3 crazies and their 394,852 special pose requests!  She is a fellow creative and can do pretty much everything.  I'm just so happy with these pictures." ~Trish G.

"Thanks for taking the time to take our pics...I love them all!!!!  It was super easy to use the new (downloading) system you got.  So proud of all your work and so thankful that I get to be a part of it!" ~Raven B.

"Seriously you are so sweet.  We should be sending you a thank you card.  Not you us.  Just walked in the door.  The pictures are just perfect!  You have so much talent.  The canvas, seriously the coolest thing ever.  We are so thankful for everything you did!" ~Barb T.

sweetlystitchedimages@gmail.com  /  219-331-4360

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